Castle 6 Pack Challenge Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction
    1. These Terms and Conditions (“Ts&Cs”) relate to the 2018 Mzansi Super League 6x6 Challenge.
    2. Clause headings are inserted for convenience only and shall not be used in its interpretation. In the event of a discrepancy between these Ts&Cs and any other promotional material produced in respect of the Challenge, these terms and conditions shall prevail.
    3. The following expressions shall bear the following meanings and related expressions bear corresponding meanings:
      1. "Challenge" shall mean the challenge of striking 6 (six) consecutive, legitimate deliveries in a single over for 6 (six) runs, in a Qualifying Match. For the avoidance of any doubt, any failure to score a six by hitting the ball over the boundary rope during the sequence of balls in an over will nullify the sequence with the result that the sequence will have to be started again. For example, a single will nullify the sequence, but a wide or no-ball will not nullify the sequence.
      2. "Competition" shall mean the 2018 edition of the Mzansi Super League T20 competition;
      3. "Event of Force Majeure" shall mean any event beyond the reasonable control of Cricket South Africa, including but not limited to war, earthquakes, disasters, calamities, storms, power failures, strikes or similar circumstances (including the threat thereof) or the postponed, curtailment or cancellation of the Qualifying Match for whatever reason;
      4. "Prize" shall mean R10 000 000.00 (ten million Rand) a portion thereof if there is more than one winner during the Competition; split in the following way R 3 000 000-00 to the batsman who achieves the feat, R 3 000 000-00 to the team of the batsman who achieved the feat, R2 000 000-00 to the nominated charity of the team and R 2 000 000-00 to the lucky fan who owns the over by registering on the m
      5. "Promoter" shall mean Cricket South Africa (the “Promoter”), registration No. 2002/00241/08, a non-profit company incorporated in accordance with the laws of South Africa with its principle address at 21 North Street, Illovo 2196, South Africa; and
      6. "Qualifying Match" shall mean any match played in South Africa as a part of the Competition.
  1. Prize
    1. The Promoter has agreed to award a prize pool of R10,000,000.00 (ten million rand) to any players should they strike six consecutive sixes in consecutive deliveries in an over during a Qualifying Match. Any legal delivery from which a six is not scored off the bat will nullify the sequence with the result that the relevant batsman will start the sequence again. For example, a single will nullify the sequence, but a wide or no-ball will not nullify the sequence.
    2. The Promoter will review the sequence referred above in consultation with the official scorer for the Match and will be responsible for confirming publicly both the validity of the occurrence and the award of the Prize to the player/s in question.
    3. The Prize shall not be awarded on each occasion that the Challenge is successfully completed, but rather, all players whom are successful in achieving the relevant sequence shall share equally in the Prize awarded.
    4. The Promoter may refuse to award the Prize if these terms and conditions have not been met or if it detects any irregularities or fraudulent practices with respect to the Challenge or the occurrence of the relevant sequence.
  1. General Terms and Conditions
    1. The award of the Prize is subject to the following additional provisions:
      1. The Challenge will run for the duration of the Competition;
      2. If the relevant sequence is achieved, the player completing the Challenge successfully shall be required to make themselves available for a presentation upon completion of the cricket match in question, to receive from a representative of the Promoter a mock-up of the Prize.
      3. The Prize:
        1. shall be paid to succesful player/s by the Promoter as soon as reasonably possible following completion of the Competition;
        2. shall be deposited directly into the bank account of the player;
        3. cannot be transferred to any other person or company other than the player; and
        4. will not be exchanged for any prize other than the Prize awarded in this Challenge.
      4. These Ts&C’s will be made available on CSA’s website at during the Competition.
      5. Only the players participating in Qualifying Matches during the Competition shall be entitled to participate in the Challenge.
      6. The Promoter is entitled to amend the Ts&Cs insofar as it deems necessary and appropriate and such amendments may relate to any aspect of the Challenge. The amendments may include the addition and/or deletion of any terms and conditions of the Challenge, including those relating to payment of the Prize. The proposed amendments may be made prior to the start date or during the Competition.
      7. Any disputes arising in relation to the Challenge shall be dealt with by the Promoter. Representations relating to the Challenge may be made in writing to the Chief Executive of the Promoter, who, upon deliberation on such representations, shall decide upon the matter in his absolution discretion.